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Lossless, as a term, is a type of compression.

When you download most music online, it's compressed, and has lost significant quality that can never be retrieved. This is true for the iPod, the Zune, and all of the major online music vendors like Yahoo, iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. This type of compression is considered lossy.

The idea for the LossLess name came from the Free Lossless Audio Codec, or FLAC. Though most lossless compression is only about 50% compressed, the original quality sound can always be reproduced.

LossLess Records supports technology. We also support innovation, open standards, and evolved licensing practices.

LossLess Records does not sell music. We sell licenses to it. We maintain ownership of any distribution that we produce. This will be true for any product of the arts that LossLess Records creates or provides. This does not mean we are going to take your CD's away from you at some point, it just means that we reserve the right to their license and usage.

We have no interest in the childish, greedy activities of modern, big-name record labels. We will not sue you for listening to our music or enjoying the art produced by any of LossLess Records' artists. If you love the music and want to let your friends know about it, go for it! Have your friend put the music on his or her music player. You're free to share the music. We will not try to stop you, and we will not bring legal action against you for it.

We believe in what would be considered a right-to-the-arts. The excessive cost of modern music just serves to create one more digital divide between those with the means to spend exorbitant money on arts and entertainment, and those who can not. The "can not" group is essentially being told, "You aren't rich enough to enjoy music, close your ears."

LossLess Records also believes that the onus is on the company to produce something that people want to buy, rather than forcing people by law to buy things that they might not like anyway. Nobody likes to buy a CD only to realise that it wasn't really that good, and yet many record companies simply make it illegal to hear the music any other way. That said, we endeavor to produce CD's and Art that people want to come purchase.

All this being said, there are caveats. The total reproduction of any CD or package of Art to which you have been provided a license by LossLess Records is not right, and we would probably have no choice but to take necessary steps to stop any individuals or companies from doing that. Sharing the music or art with friends because you love it and want them to experience it is awesome! Copying or using our music or art for independent financial gain is wrong.

Please, buy the CD's, the Art, the T-shirts, and everything else! Share with your friends! Enjoy the Digital Revolution.