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We're sure you've heard of it, or thought of it yourself, already. Open Source Music. We've even found a few places that said they were doing it. We found a license (a copyright infringement on the GPL, nonetheless). We found some claims of freely distributed music source, but no downloads. Well, we're for real. We're going to change all that. And we would LOVE your help. In the true sense of the Open Source Community, we're looking for people that want to get involved in our record label and do something real, be part of the real music revolution. If you're interested, read on.

First off, if “it” is already being done, please don't flame us, inform us. We're actually excited to partner with others in the industry that believe as we do. If you think we're going about “it” wrong, don't flame us, inform us. We are not experts. But we are dreamers. We believe in the growth that comes with the freedom of expression. We believe that music and media isn't just for artists and producers, but it's for programmers, writers, editors, construction workers, goof balls, troglodytes, criminals and creators. And everyone else.

To that end, we are LossLess Records. The Open Source Label. http://losslessrecords.com

We are looking for you, everyone, to get involved in any way you can or would like. Our immediate needs are below. If you would like to become part of something that we truly believe will be the future of not just music, but media in general, then please let us know. Even if it's just to say, “yeah!” or “No!” In the true spirit of an Open Source project, we cannot do it all, and so we're looking to the community for some help. We've gotten it this far, but right now it's like a kernel with poorly written drivers that runs on some systems, but not on others, and has all the application support of OS/2.

Immediate Needs:

Web developer - I'm not the programmer I was 12 years ago, and our websites are in dire need of some Web 2.0 / AJAX / GUI / Messy code. No .NET!!!! If it doesn't run natively on a Linux server (preferably CentOS w/ Apache) we don't want it.

Linux Administrator – This could very well be the same person as above. We presently have a hosted Linux VPS available with unmetered bandwidth, but I'm not the Linux admin I once was, and I have this whole project to deal with now. I have some friends that have done some work here and there, but we are looking for the community that really wants to get on board with this project and become involved like you would in your favorite Open Source project/app.

Open Source Music (Media) License Editor – We've started work on this, but we want to be in line with the Open Source Community. We have no interest in half-assing this project. We do not intend to use the Open Source moniker to market our products but pick and choose our favorite parts of the Open Source model to maximize our gains. That is not the intent, and not having eyes that experts in All Things Open involved in this, we could end up writing something that seems that way, and that is not the intent here.

Forum Administrators and Moderators – We're launching LossLessForums.com as the community portal for this whole project. The domain is registered. We can use Dreamhost's pre-built PHPbb install, or you can install your own on our CentOS-based Linux VPS if you want to be the Admin. From there, we'll need Moderators for forum topics and general board support. We are also in need of fan site type Forum Administrators and Moderators. Our most pressing need is for the just-released, full-length CD by Summer – Timing And Lighting. http://timingandlighting.com needs a forum, an admin, a community, to make it real and get it going.

Project Managers – We're going to do some innovative contests and projects, offering hosting and domain names for fan sites, a DJ remix contest, an “in-the-style-of” contest, and more. Every project is better when someone or ones “owns” it and makes it theirs. If you just want to be part of something and manage some aspect of this rapidly expanding conceptual space, let us know.

Videographers and Video Editors – We need music videos, youtube shorts, whatever you think will make you, us, and Open Source Music (Media) famous.

Writers – We need articles written. Write something. :)

Whatever else you can think of. If you see a need here that we haven't addressed, have a cool idea, want to cheer us on, or anything, please let us know!

LossLess Records was founded a few years ago. We've been working on becoming a “real” label, and with the recent release of Summer's first full-length CD, Timing And Lighting, we finally feel we've arrived. We also funded the recent release of Jeremy Gloff's new CD, 1987. With these milestones, and more soon to come, we really feel as though we can come to the Open Source Community with some sense of legitimacy and say “Look, we're doing it! Now, we'd like you to be involved.”