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Send us an e-mail at info@losslessrecords.com

LossLess Records is supported by Connexan, a technology company located outside Philadelphia, PA. Connexan provides the web hosting and technical assistance in support of LossLess Records and its artists. Please call them first if you need technology or web assistance. They are the best!

Compression technologies LossLess Records supports and uses:

Ogg Vorbis is a lossy MP3/iPod alternative that is without royalty or usage restrictions and has better quality and compression. Ogg compression usually provides about 8  or 10 to 1 compression. So a 40MB song would be around 4 to 6MB, much like MP3, but with higher quality and no file format legitimacy issues.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is CD-Quality at about half the size. It is a lossless compression that loses none of the original recording's content. So you could always recreate the original in its exact form from this compression, but it is only about 2 to 1 (half the size.)

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