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Summer's new CD, Timing And Lighting is available for purchase at TimingAndLighting.com

Artist Profile: Summer

Summer is the founding artist of LossLess Records. She's been working day and night in preparation for her new CD, Timing And Lighting. For more information on Summer, her music, her 19"x24" pastel paintings of emotionistic female faces, and more, visit her web site at http://timingandlighting.com

Artist Profile: Jeremy Gloff

Jeremy joined LossLess Records earlier this year with the release of his latest album, 1987. A departure from his previous works, 1987 is a mix of up-tempo, tribute-to-the-80's dance songs mixed nicely with some heart-felt, emotional balads. 1987 is available for purchase right here. We'll be bringing more of Jeremy's works into the LossLess Records product portfolio going forward.